-KGH LOGO - transparentCongratulations! Whether you have stumbled upon this page or found it more purposefully, you are in the right place to learn about how to prepare for your best birth.

What is KGHypnobirthing?

KGH is a complete antenatal education program, providing the knowledge and skills to empower mums/couples to make the decisions that are right for them and their baby. The element of hypnosis comes in by demystifying the birthing process and undoing the harm done by societal perceptions and media portrayals of an essentially natural bodily function that works perfectly in most cases without medical intervention. It is nothing to do with clucking like a chicken!

How would you explain about KGH to a mother who is thinking of doing the course?

I would explain it as essential antenatal education; we are sold many things in pregnancy that are absolutely unnecessary. A positive birth experience makes the early days, weeks, months and years of motherhood so much easier, so stop leaving things in the hands of ‘fate’, you can take positive steps to achieving your birthing goals. KGH will change the way you think about birth and give your family the tools to achieve the best start.

What is included in your Simply Natal hypnobirthing package?

Well, quite simply, whatever you need. If your preference is private one to one lessons in the comfort of your home, that’s what you get. If you would like to meet like-minded mums to be then group sessions are for you. If you have used hypnobirthing before and just need a refresher to get your confidence back, then I can give you the boost you need. Everyone gets a copy of the celebrated KGHypnobirthing book by Katharine Graves, and accompanying hypnobirthing MP3 to listen to in advance of your course. The course is tailored to your needs every step of the way, your questions answered and your worries allayed. If you are still wondering whether hypnobirthing is for you (it is, I promise), you have nothing to lose from getting in touch.

What are the benefits of KGHypnobirthing?

For the mother: Empowerment, ownership, confidence in the birthing process. Reduced fear, higher chances of a natural birth (better physical recovery) but also higher chance of acceptance when things don’t go to ‘plan’ and so less likelihood of emotional trauma- securing the best chances for your perinatal mental health.

For the father/partner: Similar to the mother, but this is more significant because many fathers/partners don’t feel as though they should have ownership, and begin the journey feeling that they are not important in the process. As they become more empowered they have more abilities to support a positive birth. They understand that they are instrumental in bringing their baby safely and gently into the world.

For the new baby; A calm and happy Mummy and Daddy could well mean a calm and happy baby (not sure we can guarantee this though!) In terms of the birthing process, they receive all the right hormones so feel calm, have less resistance from the uterine muscles so potentially a physically smoother birthing process, they are more likely to be born ‘gently’.

What makes Simply Natal the right place for you?

Being a good teacher of anything requires passion. I am already a teacher so I know my skills are honed and ready for a challenge of this nature. What makes me right for this, (and this right for me), is that my own two birth experiences are as different as day and night and I know first-hand the difference that hypnobirthing can make. My traumatic birth has changed me in many ways, and I understand the emotional pain and grief that lingers like a shadow. Like me, many pregnant women come to hypnobirthing with little knowledge of it but with desperation for a different experience. I know that this is possible and I am confident that I can help women achieve better births using this method.

I can’t change my past, but I can change the future for someone else.

My hope is that the people I teach will never know the pain that I have endured to get here.

Love and Best wishes


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